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Trucking companies or small fleet owners . . . enjoy more Landstar benefits, access to all our freight, fuel, equipment and maintenance discounts and much, much more. Sign your drivers on with Landstar. You pick the freight and still make all the decisions!
Landstar Recruiting
Become a Landstar Carrier
Trucking Companies or Owner-Operators . . . Have your own authority and insurance? Need to find loads?

Sign on as a Contract Carrier with Landstar's Carrier Group and Brokerage Service Center.

Enjoy Landstar freight everday! We can provide you with freight all across North America and quick settlements.

As an independent Landstar Agent, our freight is year around, light and no touch. We have freight out of California, Nevada, Washington, Ohio, Texas and many more states.

Note: Qualification with the Landstar Carrier Group does not qualify a carrier for Landstar Logistics. Landstar Carrier Group is comprised of Landstar Ranger, Landstar Ligon, Landstar Gemini and Landstar Inway.

If you need further help or information, call us 330-484-6013.
Once your application is completely filled out and faxed to Landstar, we can get you approved and moving quickly. If you have any problems downloading our form be sure to give us a call.

Also, if you are already a Landstar approved carrier, please make it a point to touch base with us regularly. We are an independent Landstar Agent who is continuing to grow fast.. We have more freight than trucks. Our loads are light, no-touch and year around! Let us know what areas you like to run . . .

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