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Landstar has tons of great freight!
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We have tons of great freight!

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Helpful tips for Landstar Drivers:

• Taking a load into an area you haven't worked in before? No problem, use the Landstar Load Board to find your next load and preplan your routes.

• Thinking about a load going somewhere you haven't been before, or been to in a long while? No worries, use the Landstar Load Board to 'get a feel' for what's happening as far as freight rates, out bound freight, load volumes and names of agents working in the area.

• Bored with lanes you're currently working in and thinking about a change? Use the Landstar Load Board to watch certain travel lanes for a week or two and see what the average rates and loads are.

• Trying to decide which is better, van or flat, company trailer or your own? Again, use the Landstar Load Board to help you make a good decision.

If you have any questions, please give us a call 330-484-6013.We're here to help! Or, stop by if you're in Ohio. We are at the Gullivers Travel Plaza off I-77, Exit 101. We will answer any recruiting questions, walk you through the load board and explain our freight lanes.
Landstar's Online Freight Board

Owner operators and truck drivers have access to Landstar freight 24/7! With the "Available Load Board", finding freight has never been easier or faster. Here's how it works!

Below is an example of one our loads if a driver was searching for freight out of or nearby Carson, California. In Screen 1 "Search Available Loads" a driver would enter in origin, destination, date, trailer type and so on. Screen 2 "Available Load Results" displays available agent freight, rate per mile, pickup date, where the load is going and other information. Screen 3 "Available Load Details" explains any details on the load, agent's phone number, whether their is a fuel surcharge, team or solo driver or any other comments about the load.

Click on the pictures below to view a larger image.

Search Available Freight
Available Freight Search
You get 100% of fuel surcharge!

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