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RKY Landstar Recruiting Agency

Landstar Orientation Centers
Landstar helps its new recruits with a 2-day training orientation and operational support!

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Indianapolis, IN
Covington, GA
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Landstar Contractors' Advantage Purchasing Program (LCAPP) - Save on New and Used Equipment and Maintenance!

Our goal is to help you cut costs and improve profitability for your business! LCAPP offers one of the largest voluntary cooperative purchasing programs of its kind in the trucking industry. Currently Landstar contractors are receiving discounts and rebates on: fuel, tires, new & used trucks and trailers, extended warranties, communications, accessories, parts and service . . . And much more! LCAPP frequently adds new products and services to help our owner operators lower their operating costs.

Finding freight has never been easier or faster!
Owner Operators have access to Landstar freight 24/7 with the "Available Load Board".

See how our freight board works!
Join RKY Landstar Agency Today!

RKY is an independent Landstar Recruiting Agency and Two-Time Quality Agent of the Year for 2002 & 2003!

Are you an Owner Operator? Small Fleet Owner? Why choose us as your Landstar Recruiter? We are constantly growing! And we pride ourselves on being a Driver-Friendly Recruiting Agency! We can service both your truckload and your less-than-truckload needs (LTL). We understand what it takes for an Owner-Operator to be successful, and we have both the tools and the people to help you. So whether you're an Owner-Operator looking for a new home in a NON-Forced Dispatch trucking company or a truck driver thinking about a change, we're the folks to talk to!

As your Landstar Recruiting Agent we also offer:

- Tons of great freight. Majority of our loads are one-pick, one-drop, no touch, light, snatch-n-go kinda of loads. A true NON-Forced Dispatch System. You pick your loads and run the routes you want.

- We babysit our drivers. We will help you learn the nonforced dispatch system. If you're not making money, than neither are we!

- Our Landstar Recruiting Agency sponsors 150 truckstop Internet Kiosks so you can check the Landstar load board without paying per minute charges.

- We offer extensive safety programs for owner operators to help make your business safer.

- We'll even help you lower your deadhead through LCAPP, Landstar's Contractor's Advantage Purchasing Program. Get discounts on new and used trucks and trailers, equipment financing, fuel, tires, parts and service, internet service and more ...

- Our recruiting agency sends out a Free Email Newsletter full of tips, hot loads, new freight lanes and advice to help you become successful and more profitable at Landstar.

- And, as your Landstar Recruiter, we offer incentives and rewards in order to make you more money and to grow our truck count. Check out our website's BCO's Reward's Page!

- We will pay a $150 Bonus, FREE Landstar Hats, T-shirts, Golf Shirts, etc. to anyone that refers a Qualified Owner-Operator to our agency!

If you're a safety-first, professional driver who meets our basic requirements you may have what it takes to become a Landstar Owner-Operator!

Get the Landstar Application Faster!

Click here to begin the application process.

The application process can take several weeks to several days depending if we have all of the necessary information or if your references quickly get back with us.
Be complete and thorough when filling out the application.

If you have any questions, need help fill out the application or cannot download the pdf, give us a call at

We want to thank you for your interest in Landstar. We are aggressively seeking to grow our truck count. Do not be discouraged if you do not meet all of our requirements. Landstar prides itself in having one of the best safety records in the country as a result of our hiring standards.

We recommend reapplying at a later date or if you are already an owner operator join Landstar as a contract carrier. Remember we have plenty of good paying freight year-around and we need trucks!

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