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Lower operating costs with Landstar's LCAPP Program!
  Landstar LCAPP Program.
Landstar Contractors' Advantage Purchasing Program (LCAPP) -
Save on New and Used Equipment and Maintenance!

Our goal is to help you cut costs and improve profitability for your business! LCAPP offers one of the largest voluntary cooperative purchasing programs of its kind in the trucking industry. Currently Landstar contractors are receiving discounts and rebates on:
fuel, tires, new & used trucks and trailers, extended warranties, communications, accessories, parts and service . . . And much more! LCAPP frequently adds new products and services to help our owner operators lower their operating costs.
Landstar Recruiter

   Landstar Insurance
Need insurance? We have programs specifically designed for Landstar Owner-Operators.

Landstar Insurance Programs
Landstar Carrier Group
Buy your own trailer or lease a trailer with Landstar
Landstar Contractor Revenue
If you're new to the NON-Forced Dispatch System or are a new Owner-Operator, considering leasing a company trailer through Landstar. We handle the trailer repair and maintenance. Owner-operators who have their own equipment can take advantage of the LCAPP Program for purchasing equipment and trailers , tires, maintenance or extended warranties.

Contractor Revenue

Company Van Trailer
(67% of 98%) / Own Van Trailer (75% of 98%) / Own Refrigerated Trailer (77% of 98)

Company Flatbed / Stepdeck / Stretch / Double Drop Trailer (75% of 98%) Plus weekly trailer rental fee

Rental Fees: Flatbed ($155 / Week), Stepdeck ($170 / Week), *Stretch ($185 / Week), *Double Drop ($260 / Week) * There is usually a waiting list for stretch and double drop trailers.

Own Flatbed or Stepdeck Trailer (75% of 98%)

Own Double Drop (tri-axle) Trailer (76% of 98%)

Own Heavy Haul (7 or more axle) Trailer (77% of 98%)


Escrow - A $500.00 escrow is required. Deducted at $33.33 per week for 15 weeks.

Plates* - Illinois annual base plate $1600. Deducted at $88.88 per week for 18 weeks.

Permits* - Anual permit cost $340. Deducted at $18.88 per week for 18 weeks.

Communications ** - Landstar Communication Network Cost - $2.50 per week.

* Deductions for plates and permits do not start until the 5th week.
** A cell phone is required as a minimum communications device.


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